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**The compact equipment viewed on our website may not be exactly as shown. If you require different or additional compact equipment for your project please contact us to see what we have available.

We have the following equipment available for your project:

Landscape Maintenance

MT55 Mini Track Loader (1.2 tons)

At only 44" wide, this rubber track machine gets just about anywhere. Don't let the size fool you either. This machine is a workhorse that moves materials in and out of the hard to get to places with ease. It's rubber track system and relatively lightweight enables it to do a lot of work without causing a lot of damage to existing lawns. Same bobcat attachments can be used with this little guy just the same as with larger machines. These include, jack hammer, auger etc.

Landscape Maintenance

Yanmar vio35-5 Mini Excavator (3.5 tons)

This 8,000 lb. mini excavator is great for all types of jobs where a compact (5'6" or wider) access machine is required. It will come to your job site with a hydraulic thumb, 12" dig/trenching (combination) bucket and a 36" cleanout bucket. Other attachments such as plate tamper, post pounder, auger or jack hammer can be supplied upon request. It has a rubber track system which minimizes damage to existing surfaces.

John Deere 50C Excavator

John Deere 50C Excavator

This 11,000 lbs. mid-size excavator is great for all types of excavation jobs where a 7' or wider access is available, yet the area is limiting to large machines or does not justify bringing in a large, steel track excavator. It will come to your jobsite with a toothed digging bucket, a cleanout bucket and a hydraulic thumb. We also have a trenching bucket available for this machine upon request. Other buckets or attachments can be supplied upon request. It has a rubber track system which minimizes damage to existing lawns etc. We use this machine on half acre or larger sites, farm applications, foundation backfilling, shop foundation excavations etc. This excavator is capable of loading a full size dump truck on even ground. It is our go to excavator for building natural rock boulder retaining walls, where access is often limited, yet good lifting capacity is required. This excavator will place boulders up to 3ft. We also have a clearing rake available for this machine upon request.

John Deere 322CT Bobcat

John Deere 322CT (Bobcat) Track Loader

Rubber track (bobcat type) skid steer loaders are quickly becoming ever so popular, especially in this part of the world where it rains a fair bit. Wheeled bobcats don't see face to face with mud, or conditions that require traction. In soft material conditions such as soil and sand, they become quite inefficient and often get stuck. They end up spinning their wheels often, before they get enough traction to move. They also cause a lot of damage to lawns end such, even in dry conditions. CTL's (compact track loaders) are also capable of carrying more weight than the same size machine on wheels. The tracked skid steers with their very low ground pressure simply float over top of mud and in soft material conditions, always moving, not spinning. Consequently they are much more effective and efficient. They do cost more money to purchase and run, however, the jobs take less time and are much less weather dependant, saving you money at the end. This machine is capable of moving full pallets of Allan Block, Keystone retaining wall block, pavers, large rock boulders etc. It is able to move soil, mulch, crush rock or anything else you can throw at it. It too can load a full size dump truck. It will come to your job site with a smooth bucket and a set of pallet forks. Other buckets or attachments such as breakers, augers etc. are available upon request.

Other Equipment Available Upon Request

1.6 ton Mini Excavator - with a retractable track system from 36" to 48" this mini excavator is able to make its way through narrow areas. We typically use this machine for back yard trenching, basement trenching, basement slab prep or in such case where only smaller amount of material need to be excavated/moved.

8 ton Mid-size Excavator – where 8ft.+ wide access isn't an issue, yet the job isn't big enough to justify bringing in a large excavator, this mid-size machine shines. Anything from general excavations, lock block placement, land clearing, demo, etc. this machine can do it... fast


Flat Deck Trailer 14,000lbs. GVW – A heavy duty flat deck trailer such as this one is great for transportation of multiple pallets of building materials such as sod, concrete blocks or pavers, where a payload or quantity of pallets is not suitable for a pickup truck. It is also great for transporting long loads such as lumber or rebar. We use this trailer for transporting much of our compact equipment.

F550 / Dump Bed – This is our heavy duty truck, capable of carrying and dumping of up to 4 cu.yds. of aggregates, soil, mulch or similar materials.

F650 / HD Dump Bed – This is our "super duty" truck capable of carrying and dumping up to 4 cu.yds. of aggregates, soil, mulch or similar materials. This truck also serves as one of our tow units, getting our compact equipment to the job site. It often comes in handy in moving various materials on/off site.

*All of our trucks and trailers are safety inspected as required by law, to ensure proper and safe operation.
*Our equipment delivery drivers have a heavy trailer endorsement license upgrade (where applicable) to legally tow trailer/equipment with combined weight of 4.600KG or more, as required by law in British Columbia.
* We carry full liability and WCB insurance