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Compact Equipment Rates

Landscape Equipment Services

Charge out rates for compact equipment with a skilled operators vary depending on the type of equipment, job size, current market conditions, the type of work the equipment/operator are doing, location etc. We can work either by the hour or contract.

Our compact equipment rates vary between $70.00 and $110 per hour, depending on the above mentioned circumstances, for both machine and operator. Please contact us to discuss rates that would apply to your job.

Use of specialty buckets, rakes and hydraulic attachments is custom quoted/extra

In most circumstances, a 4 hour minimum charge out rate plus delivery applies to all small jobs.

Equipment Delivery Charges

Delivery charges depend on the type of equipment and location. Generally it's between $80 and $150 each way. Single day jobs with equipment weighting under 8,500 lbs., only one way delivery charge applies.

If you are considering hiring a mini excavator or bobcat contractor or owner/operator at a bargain price, please do yourself a favor and check for:

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