Focal Point Landscape Design

  • Nyguyen landscape design
  • Nyguyen landscape design
  • Nyguyen landscape design
  • Nyguyen landscape design
  • Nyguyen landscape design
  • Nyguyen landscape design
  • Nyguyen landscape design



New Home on flat acreage in Pitt Meadows, BC


To design a landscape that compliments the new home while creating on-site outdoor recreation spaces and separating residential usage areas from future business areas and rental home at rear of property.


Designed in 2008. Large meandering curves used in the shape of the driveway, walkways, pool, poolscape, plant beds and lawn area were the theme for this large country estate. A large round-about driveway was designed to grace the front of the home then continue to the side of the home to the auto court. A large water fountain was designed in the round-about on-centre to the front door to act as a FocalPoint when guests enter the property and when the homeowners exit the property. Trees line the driveway to lead the eye, bring down the scale of the home and add to the element of surprise. A large berm is added to the front yard to provide some character to this otherwise flat property. A pool with a waterslide, pond and hot tub are designed out the rear of the home along with a meditation deck to off the indoor gym. Pedestrian walkways lead from the front down each side of the home tying into the recreation path allowing for a 'full circle' exercise track as well as to the sport court on the SE side. The inside of the track is to be maintained as a manicured lawn area for open outdoor play for this family's 3 young boys and the outside is planted with a variety of low maintenance, low water, colourful, 3 season plant material to serve as beauty to the eye while on the exercise track and to provide the separation point between residential and future business area. The landscape was designed to be installed over 3 phases. Currently the Sport Court, Pool, Hot Tub, Pond, walkways around the home, deck, entrance gates, driveway and lights lining the driveway have been installed. Next as a minimum will be to rid of the weeds and hydoseed the property. Then start carving out the rec. path and plant beds. The following plants were used in this design:
Grand Fir
Fireglow Japanese Maple
Evergreen Magnolia
Evergreen Magnolia
Evergreen Magnolia
Evergreen Magnolia
Bruns Serbian Spruce
Vanderwolf Pyramidal Pine
Weeping Corkscrew Willow
Weeping Corkscrew Willow
Emerald Cedars
Snowball Viburnum - Std
American Sweetgum
Miss Kim Dwarf Korean Lilac - Std
Western Red Cedars
Mandarin Lights Azalea
Azalea 'Girard's Fuscia'
Green Velvet Boxwood
Green Velvet Boxwood
Midnight Lover Camellia
Pink Princess Escallonia
Pia Hydrangea
Nikko Blue Hydrangea
Brussels Lace Hydrangea
Blue Girl/Boy Holly Combo
Goodrich Mountain Laurel
Mountain Fire Pieris
Sumatra Rhododendron
Edith Bosley Rhododendron
White Flowering Carpet Roses
White Flowering Carpet Roses
Buttons and Bows Hydrangea
Sensation Lilac
Wine n' Roses Weigelea
Snowmound Spirea
Sarabonde Pieris
Rose Glow Barberry
Nishiki Willow
Amethyst Astilbe
Japanese Painted Ferns
Shaggy Shild Fern
Autumn Ferns
Big Sky Twilight Coneflower
Heather 'Kramer''s Red'
Springwood White Heather
Obsidian Coral Bells
Palace Purple Coral Bells
Big Daddy Hosta
Shasta daisy
Morning Light Miscanthus
Dwarf Fountain Grass
Variegated Soloman's Seal
Red Dragon Japanese Maple
Forest Pansy Redbud
Magnolia 'Royal Star'
Pink Japanese Snowbell
Confetti Abelia
California Lilac
Blue Satin Rose of Sharon
Annabelle Hydrangea
Snowdrift Mountain Laurel
Plum Passion Nandina
New Zealand Flax
Black Bamboo
Variegated Pieris
Fragrant Sweetbox
Hicks Yews
Banana Split Yucca
Soft Leaf Yucca
Bear's Breeches
Maidenhair Ferns
Jum and Jive Astilbe
Ice Dance Sedge
Hillside Black Beauty Bugbane
Japanese Holly Fern
Heather 'Alba Jae'
Obsidian Coral Bells
Fire n' Ice Hosta
Japanese Bloodgrass
Red Hot Poker
Jacob's Ladder 'Snow & Sapphire'
Variegated Soloman's Seal
Mexican Feather Grass
Autumn Blaze Maple Trees
Downey Serviceberry
Katsura Trees
Golden Deodar Cedar
Autumn Purple Ash
Baker's Blue Spruce
Western Red Cedars
Canadian Hemlock
Bog Rosemerry
Profusion Beautyberry
Bud's Yellow Dogwood
Royal Purple Smokebush
Emerald n' Gold Euonymus
Courtalyn Forsythia
Beauty Bush
Snowflake Mockorange
Black Beauty Elder
Goldmound Spirea
Renaissance Spirea
Ellen Wilmont Lilac
Summer Snowflake Viburnum
Wine n' Roses Weigela
Moonshine Yarrow
Ladies Mantle
Basket of Gold
Japanese Anemone
Vancouver Jade Bearberry
Pink Ball Thrift
Violet Rock Cress
Pampas Grass
George Davidson Montbretia
Ruby Echinacea
Blue Fescue
Sweet Woodruff
Gold Flash Carpet Broom
Shasta Daisy
Blazing Star
Grace Ward Lithodroa
Rose Campion
Golden Creeping Jenny
Northwind Switchgrass
Russian Sage
Ribbon Grass
Obedient Plant
Black Eyed Susans
Wooly Thyme
Giant Silver Mullein

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