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Description of service: The design process starts with a consultation. Following this initial meeting, we'll take all necessary measurements of your property, along with digital pictures. All information is brought back to our office, where our designer will create a scaled, computerized landscape plan, which includes a comprehensive layout of: planting beds, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, pools, hot tubs, decks, patios, water features, lighting etc. Once the drawing is complete and printed, we'll set up a time to present the drawing to you. The designer will explain to you how they've addressed your wants, needs, concerns etc. If some further changes are required, the designer will make note of the requested changes and we'll revise the plan to create a final copy.


up to 7,500 sq.ft. lot = $975 (front OR back yard only = $715)
up to 10,890 sq.ft. lot (1/4 acre) = $1175 + GST
up to 21,780 sq.ft. lot (1/2 acre) = $1365 + GST
up to 32,670 sq.ft. lot (3/4 acre) = $1560 + GST
up to 43,560 sq.ft. lot (1 acre) = $1775 + GST
above one acre = custom quoted only


Elevation Drawing - Cost: $600 (for a property 12K sq.ft. or less) - Includes: shooting elevations of your property and plot them onto the drawing. This will enable accurate heights for retaining walls and slopes.

Construction Drawings - Cost: $200 (for a property 12K sq.ft. or less) - Includes: Drawings on 'how-to' build a Pond, install an Interlock Patio, walkway or Driveway, Build Fences, Plant trees & shrubs..etc...

Coloured Plan - $300 (for a property 12K or less) *Must already have a Dynascape Black & White Plan created by FocalPoint* Includes: a computerized coloured landscape plan, showing colours of trees, shrubs, paving & decking materials. These make excellent gifts to give your family and friends of the new landscape they had installed to hang on their wall!

Plant Maintenance Book - $100 (for a property 12K or less) *Must already have a Dynascape Black & White Plan created by FocalPoint* (Cost can be quoted for those who don't have a Dynascape Plan)
Includes: A Green Binder with an info sheet on each plant designed in your garden. Great gift idea for your loved ones who have just had their garden installed or to give the maintenance crew who are going to be looking after your gardens.

Discount may apply for properties without existing landscaping (new construction) and/or where an accurate site plan is available.

*Any additional changes will be charged out at $75.00 per hour, including travel time
We kindly ask the above services be paid for by cash or cheque. We can provide a receipt upon request.

**Final drawings are released upon receipt of final payment
Focal Point management reserves the right to change rates without notice.

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque, Visa and Mastercard
Visa maximum payment: $2,500